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Support Groups

Cancer Lifeline's Support Groups work to meet the following needs of patients, survivors, caregivers, family members and friends:

  • To provide a place where emotions can be expressed and not judged
  • To foster a sense of community and inclusion with others experiencing similar challenges
  • To make available opportunities for education and information
  • To explore ways in which choice and control can be realized while living with cancer

Breast Cancer Support Groups

Cancer Lifeline offers two breast cancer support groups. All the groups are dedicated to supporting people with breast cancer through diagnosis, treatment and recovery

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Colon Cancer Support Group

Come meet with others living with colon cancer. This monthly group focuses on educational presentations and group discussions. Join us in a sage and non-judgmental environment to share and receive support.

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Living with Cancer Networking Groups

Come meet others who are just diagnosed, in treatment or post-treatment. Come learn from educational presentations and open discussion, and explore what this journey looks like for you. Family and friends are welcome!

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Living With Metastatic Cancer Support Group

Looking for a place to be with other individuals who are living with advanced stage cancer? These monthly meetings provide an opportunity to share with others living with similar challenges. This group provides support to help participants express emotions and thoughts that come up when living with advanced cancer.

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Lymphedema Support Group

Talking with others and getting needed support is key to living with lymphedema. Join us for sharing and educational presentations focused on living with this challenging condition. Meetings provide a safe and non-judgmental environment to give and receive support.

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Oral Head and Neck Cancer

Would you like to talk to other people living with oral, head and neck cancer? Join us for educational speakers and open discussion in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Family and friends are welcome!

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Prostate Cancer Networking Group

An informative discussion on current choices in prostate cancer treatment including promising new therapies. From initial diagnosis to active surveillance, join in the discussion alongside others living with prostate cancer.

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Reclaiming Your Life Support Group

If you are wondering where to go for support in navigating these changes during survivorship, this is for you! This workshop series is for survivors who are at least three months out from completion of treatment for any type of cancer.

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Thyroid Cancer Support Group

This group is for people with Thyroid Cancer and their family members or friends. Whether you are newly diagnosed or living with thyroid cancer for years, come join us for mutual support, education and information.

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Women's Cancer Support Groups

Women with any type of cancer diagnosis are welcome at these monthly groups, whether you are newly diagnosed, working your way through treatment or just finishing treatment. Join other women in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment to talk and get support on all the different ways cancer impacts your life.

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Women's Metastatic Cancer Group

This group is for women living with a diagnosis of advanced stage cancer by providing support to help participants express emotions and thoughts that come up when living with advanced cancer

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Young Adult Cancer Support Group

Are you a young adult (20’s to 40’s) living with a cancer diagnosis? Come meet, talk and form friendships with other young adults who are also dealing with cancer. Through speakers and open discussion, you will gain tools to better manage cancer. Family and friends welcome!

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Young Survival Coalition

This group helps provide emotional support, allows survivors to share resources, and includes education events on topics unique to young women living with breast cancer. Open to all women diagnosed with any stage of breast cancer under the age of 45.

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